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My name's Sam Driscoll and I'm a fully qualified person-centred therapist, often referred to as a counsellor or psychotherapist. I work in East Sussex and the surrounding areas with counselling rooms located in Eastbourne and Newhaven.


I am registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy); therefore, I abide by their ethical code of conduct.  


I am passionate about the Person-Centred Approach and its potential to inspire deep inner healing, yet I am in awe of the limitless growth potential associated with it. Therefore, I offer something I would term an actualisation service.


Are you becoming who you think you should be, or are you being who you truly are and becoming believe you could be? There is a subtle, but significant, difference.


An actualisation service is about facilitating a process of becoming; inspiring inner growth and empowerment.

Please contact me if you don't feel like you are being all you can be.


An Actualisation service is exactly the same as a therapeutic service. The only difference is what the client is seeking; which is what makes each therapeutic alliances unique. Yet traditionally, therapeutic services are marketed towards those with psychological and/or emotional concerns, creating the current paradigm where people tend to only seek out therapy when they are experiencing an internal experiential problem of some description. Yet therapy is not about fixing problems, it is about inspiring personal growth and development. So it has an element of healing associated with it, but it is also about inspiration and empowerment.


Consider the role of a mechanic for example. Many people will only take their car to a mechanic if they need it to be repaired and to make sure it's roadworthy. Yet others will work on their car to upgrade it in some way; new sound system, paint job, engine tune-up. The difference between a therapeutic and actualisation services is that some of my clients are looking to fix themselves back up, whilst others are looking to upgrade. The Person-Centred Approach meets both of these needs as it is about releasing the natural process of becoming that is inherent within all of us; the actualising tendency. 


Traditional therapy tends to be associated with looking at the past, the present and perhaps the occasional glance towards the future; the shared process tending to be one of problems and pain - having this type of communication witnessed, accepted and understood tends to facilitate an inner healing effect; manifesting as therapeutic development.


Actualisation therapy tends to be incredibly similar to traditional therapy except a client will tend to look towards the future and the present with perhaps an occasional glance to the past; the shared process tending to be one of hopes, dreams, and ambitions - having this type of communication witnessed, accepted and understood tends to facilitate an inner process of empowerment; manifesting as advanced therapeutic development.


Some could claim that my actualisation service is similar to a life coaching service. Although the results may appear similar I am uncomfortable with the term Life Coach for this particular service. I do not pave a way towards success. I specialise in providing a relationship which releases an inner potential so people can pave their own way: I do not lead, I endeavour to inspire. 



Face to Face Work

50 min | £40

90 min | £65


Face to Face work can either take place in one of my counselling rooms in Eastbourne or Newhaven. Or be arranged to take place within your own home, with a price increment of £10.

This service is suitable for short term and long term work; I tend to review our progress every 6 sessions to give us both a sense of how long the therapeutic alliance is going to last.

I also offer discounted package deals for 6 or 12 sessions. The advertised price is my preferred rate, yet I am happy to offer inclusive deals to students and/or those on low incomes; check pricing page for further details. 

Package Deals, Inclusive Deals and Free

Skype Consultation Available

Group Work

2 hours | £20

12-week course| £200           



Group work can be a rich and valuable experience, the opportunity for personal development and growth are limitless. 

It's a valuable way to connect with others, find friends and grow.

If you are interested in personal development and connecting with others this service could be perfect for you. I organise 12-week courses around a loose framework which is uniquely tailored to each groups' process. The only unifying principle of each group is personal development, therefore, groups are often diverse and often offer the opportunity for deep learning of who you are; or perhaps more fittingly, can be

Package Deals, Inclusive Deals and Free

Skype Consultation Available

Digital Work

50 min | £40

90 min | £65


Digital work takes place over the internet through the utilising Skype, WhatsApp and many other digital services. This work is most effective through using video communication tools, and although I may consider working via text or email I do not believe it to be as potent as face to face work, yet special circumstances will always be considered.

For digital therapy to be effective, it is important you have access to a private space so you can engage therapeutically; confidentiality is a vital aspect to the effectiveness of therapy and personal growth.

Package Deals, Inclusive Deals and Free

Skype Consultation Available

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